Wilson Tennis Grassroots Tour in a new dimension – Marketing with all four brands

When it comes to the WILSON WORLD DEMO TOUR 2016 all four brands of the Nelson Artz Group are in demand. Just as during last year’s Burn Challenge we can showcase our cumulative competence and develop, plan and accompany the promotion and grassroots tour alongside our client Wilson. We assist our client with the conception, video shootings, the production of the event equipment including worldwide dispatch, advertising materials, development and implementation of the homepage with multilingual materials as well as an app accompanying the site.

And we put more on top: the biggest demo tour in tennis history with more global events and an even bigger coverage compared to last year. The Australian Open mark again the beginning with players from all over the world experiencing an action-packed mix of games, try outs of the newest products as well as lot of fun during thousands of events on all continents. Additionally they participate in a raffle. The main prize is the dream of every tennis player – a trip to the Australian Open or the US Open. Moreover all participants receive access to the PAP – personal achievement plan – a unique approach to improve yourself on the tennis court, to find the perfect products for yourself and to simply play your best tennis. The man behind it is none other than Sean Brawley one of the world´s leading experts in the field of coaching and former tennis professional.

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