We celebrate our 25th anniversary

I am happy to announce that today we celebrate the 25th anniversary of my company.

The work started on February 1st, 1995. 25 years of obsession for not only a job but a life’s vision, which has a lot to do with my first “outside” client WILSON Sporting Goods. Starting as a tennis coach the relationship with this brand influenced my whole life.

Nice to share and relate this story with important people: Axel Schmidt also my very first client, who hosted my first office in his sport store warehouse and who funded my first computer. Andreas Friese who brought me in contact with Thorsten Nowak from WILSON who is as of today my client after 25 long years. Thorsten, Mike, Laurence, Brian, Jon, Christian, Hans-Martin, Steffen and all their teams who carried my relationship with this brand from a local to a global basis.

Patrick Stolle who created my first logo and the latest anniversary one as well. Marcel Michel and Eva Eisenzopf my first employees with whom I only have a handshake agreement for over 20 years. My current team Marcel, Eva, Corinna, Simone, Denise, Nicole, Miriam, Kolja with all our network partners around the world. Yes, we work very hard, but today we have celebrated until the early morning ours.

All our customers for which we have the honor to serve for all those long years and still keep delivering. All the sister company’s of WILSON: Atomic, Suunto, Salomon, etc.. TVG the Touristik Franchise System with Birgit Aust in the lead – together we build the most innovative travel agency concept ever! My hometown Bad Honnef with some regional clients like Beefer, Centrum, BHAG, which we serve under the umbrella: Lust auf Heimat and many, many more…

It is almost impossible to list everybody, but I am thinking about all of you while I am reviewing my old files which are sitting in my office at the moment.

The dream of a 19 year old tennis coach to have the undisputed #1 tennis brand as a global client couldn’t be fulfilled without one person: Friederike my loving wife who backed me up, supported me, cheered me on in difficult times and celebrated the wins with me. I love you!

Together with my daughters Johanna and Anna-Lena, Friederike and myself thank you all for the great support for the last 25 years and we hope that the next 25 will be as prosperous and joyous!

Thank you,

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