Dotcomeffect: LCH Negotiations and LCH Consultancy

Screeshot of Website for LCH Consultancy

We were able to support our long-standing client LCH Claims from Cologne in the further development of its two brands LCH Consultancy and LCH Negotiations. For the experts in commercial and business law, we have thus created two additional law firm appearances – both in digital and analogue form.

The Beefer: 800 degrees Celsius – the heat is rising at the Nelson Artz Group

The perfect grill for the perfect steak – this and nothing less was the vision of the Beefer founders Frank Hecker, Frantz Konzen and Marc Kirwald in 2011. A true success story of three friends who went out to revolutionize the barbecue market. And a happy one as well because in the fifth year the Beefer is set amongst celebrity chefs and gourmets.

At 800 degrees Celsius not only meat can be excellently prepared but also tuna, mussels or desserts. “to beef” became an established expression by now. The fan base is growing constantly meanwhile a Beefer recipe book has been released.

As of now we will be the agency supporting the Beefer Grillgeräte GmbH. The focus of the cooperation will be on the overall presentation of the brand, the further growth and the internationalization.

We are extremely excited about the hot autumn. It´s getting hot in here…

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Wilson Tennis Grassroots Tour in a new dimension – Marketing with all four brands

When it comes to the WILSON WORLD DEMO TOUR 2016 all four brands of the Nelson Artz Group are in demand. Just as during last year’s Burn Challenge we can showcase our cumulative competence and develop, plan and accompany the promotion and grassroots tour alongside our client Wilson. We assist our client with the conception, video shootings, the production of the event equipment including worldwide dispatch, advertising materials, development and implementation of the homepage with multilingual materials as well as an app accompanying the site.

And we put more on top: the biggest demo tour in tennis history with more global events and an even bigger coverage compared to last year. The Australian Open mark again the beginning with players from all over the world experiencing an action-packed mix of games, try outs of the newest products as well as lot of fun during thousands of events on all continents. Additionally they participate in a raffle. The main prize is the dream of every tennis player – a trip to the Australian Open or the US Open. Moreover all participants receive access to the PAP – personal achievement plan – a unique approach to improve yourself on the tennis court, to find the perfect products for yourself and to simply play your best tennis. The man behind it is none other than Sean Brawley one of the world´s leading experts in the field of coaching and former tennis professional.

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Event and Promotion series for Wilson – A review of the Burn Challenge 2015

For our client Wilson we developed the Burn Challenge a tennis event and promotion series with events on all continents. The specially adapted Wilson event container is attraction as well as contact point at the top events of the series like the Orange Bowl in Key Biscayne and Miami. Our task: the development of the Wilson Burn Challenge competition including its evaluation tool, the production and global distribution of all event material including the event container, flight cases, music system, banners, tents and displays as well as the creation of the homepage.

In 2016 Wilson, in cooperation with us, will start the World Demo Tour with even more events and its own app.


Commercial for sonnenklar.TV travel agencies

Take one  – Action

„Did you know that we are also there for you with no screen between us?“ This is the opening sentence by moderator Michael “Goofy” Förster in the TV-spot to introduce the travel agencies. He takes the audience to the travel agency, shows them the modern features and points out the personal consultation on-site. Only four weeks after the initial idea sketch the 30 seconds spot is recorded and is broadcasted on the popular television station four times daily. A cinema version has been edited as well. When it comes to marketing for their franchisees the TVG takes the lead once again. And we are happy to help with words and deeds the FTI daughter from Munich with content and camera as well.

TVG campaign for young entrepreneurs

With its own webside, facebook-presence and ads we start the campaign „young professionals“ for our client Touristik Vertriebsgesellschaft (TVG). At the same time the media partner Travel One issues a cover story dealing with the funding programme – accompanied by advertisement in the printed edition as well as online. The matching photographic material was taken during a photo shooting in a representative sonnenklar travel agency in Kaarst.

TVG_YP_Webbanner_300x250_TO_01     TVG_YP_Webbanner_300x250_TO_02

Young talents are a main focus for the TVG: for the winning franchise formula “the travel agency of the future” TVG is looking for young travel agents looking forward to being self-employed. To make this big step a little bit easier for the junior staff the TVG is allocating ready to use agencies in top locations – including advanced technologies and award winning furniture and communication concept. Training courses and support with business related topics as well as possible financing models ease the start.

The Germany-wide campaign is kicked off with five locations: Dachau, Langenfeld, Berlin-Biesdorf and Kirchheim. Interested parties can apply up to November 30th, the most promising ones are invited to the FTI headquarter on December 12th.

The franchise concept with its multi-channel marketing is the skillful combination between the online and offline world and is therefore ideal for modern and committed tourism professionals. The TV channel sonnenklar ensures additional brand awareness and offers franchisees the option to present themselves.

Hold your barbecue fork, get set, go: with its fancy video Weber is inviting you to join their spring festival.

In the middle of March the grilling season starts: all fans are invited to visit their local premium retailer to discover Weber´s innovations 2015 even before the start of spring. Everything can be touched, tried and enjoyed. And another highlight awaits you in their online live stream: join starred chef Johann Lafer and his prominent guests and cook an exclusive four course menu from home. The video to the announcement on the POS and online was produced by us  in collaboration with the Baermedia Group – with parallaxeffects and animated pictures thanks to the puppet-tool.

Hot, hotter, Weber – screen wall for the world’s first flagship store


Berlin city centre in May has become even hotter. The barbecue specialists of Weben-Stephen are opening the world’s first Weber Concept Store. And we also help to ensure the entire range is palatable for barbecue fans: “Our” screen wall with 4 screens can be controlled with “our” tablets and “our” app and thus brings the world of Weber closer to customers.

PVD – Prepaid Verband Deutschland (Prepaid Association Germany) launches homepage

Following the development of its logo the PVD- the association representing the interests of the prepaid industry in Germany – has also put its faith in our online expertise. The NA-Group is responsible for the design and implementation of the association’s homepage.

Dealers’ app for KETTLER lawn and garden furniture

From the idea to the design extending to its implementation – we score highly with an app as a classic extension to the shop shelves. This means that the dealers can show their customer the full range of KETTLER’s lawn and garden furniture: Which lines are available in which colours with which covers, which tables go with them, or which umbrellas etc. They can be ordered quickly in line with the customer’s needs and are thus unbeatable in terms of your shop floor space profitability.